Battle, Collect,
Train and Protect

What are Monzter Minions?

Monzter Minions are 5000 adorable creatures ready to battle, collect, train and protect on Polygon.

Explore a vast game world within distinct environments that represent our Minions’ elements, Earth, Fire, Storm and Water, with deep lore, puzzles and unique questlines for each elemental type.

Team up to fight bosses or battle alone for rewards to collect and earn such as NFT upgrades, airdrops, tokens and more!

We also aim to empower our community with access to industry professionals for educational content and coaching in a range of industries such as Crypto, Trading, Investing, NFTs, Photography and Digital Art.

The mysterious lands of ‘Minnia’ await you friends…


Community DAO



Meet the Minions

Each minion minted will be assigned an elemental type:









Each element will have some unique traits and colors exclusive to that element, as well as many common traits across the collection. Fire will be the rarest element to collect.

We also have some Legendary 1/1 Minions such as our Shiny Holographic Ethereum and Celestial minion.

Some of our Ultra rare traits will also come with real life benefits such as Merchandise, ETH/BTC/Polygon tokens and more.

Other minted traits, such as our Koala Plushy or Legendary Tiger 1/1, will come with wildlife adoption packs (where we donate on your behalf to protect endangered wildlife and send you the adoption kit)!

The Lore of Monzter Minions

The journey began when explorers set sail for a large group of unchartered mountainous islands named 'Minnia'. Upon arrival the explorers, accompanied by scientists, biologists and their families, discovered a mysterious world full of surprises.

The islands had a wide range of environments including fiery lava volcanos, massive mountainous peaks where vicious storms never seemed to end, luscious watery oases and deep dark crystal caves, covered in overgrown jungle.

It took quite some time to traverse the islands, but within each different ecosystem they discovered adorable, yet mysterious, baby dragon-like creatures that seemed to harness the energy powers from their environment. Curiously, there was no sign of any elder creatures. Instead, the little ones appeared alone and vulnerable in a land of dangers.

Each time the humans returned back to camp, they told their children stories of the little creatures they discovered. No two appeared the same, each having its own unique personality and traits. The children began to refer to them as 'Monzter Minions!'

Perhaps soon, their elder guardians will arrive and step in to care for the minions. Until then . . .

they need to be adopted!



Game Development

Monzter Minions RPG game will be playable on PC in collaboration with The Sandbox metaverse. We will be purchasing a large plot of land to use for our game development which will feature mechanics such as questing through our deep lore, PvE/PvP combat, boss fights and challenges to earn rewards such as NFTs, Airdrops, Tokens and more!

Explore the vast lands of 'Minnia' protecting adorable creatures from vicious carnivores like wolves, bears and giant spiders! Each element type will have a custom questline to complete so you will need to own that type of minion to play.

Along the journey you can complete jumping and riddle puzzles and explore for hidden treasures such as gems, which can be redeemed for Upgrades/Airdrops.

Ownership of our Monzter Minions NFT will grant access to our gameplay and metaverse community clubhouse.

Our Team...

Lead Minion Deej

Project Manager

MM Lead Dev

Full Stack Developer

Mother Of Minions

Art Director

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